21 April 2017

WaveMachine Labs Drumagog Full version

Posted By: Amien melody - 18:16
WaveMachine Labs Drumagog Full version
Drumagog is a software plug-in which replaces acoustic drum tracks with your choice of other samples. But Drumagog also offers the “secret weapons” top mix engineers use to give hit records polish and power. It is this exclusive combination of replacement and enhancement tools that has made Drumagog the industry standard for more than a decade.

Drumagog's already powerful triggering engine has been improved to precisely track the most demanding drum tracks. Complicated rolls and flams are no match for Drumagog 5's new triggering engine, which can even calculate and distinguish between right and left hand hits. What’s more, Drumagog 5 is the only replacer that can actually track hi-hats’ open, half-open, and closed articulations. And for helping isolate tracks from unwanted drum bleed, Drumagog 5 offers two different options. First, Automatic Bleed Reduction will prevent bleed from causing unwanted false triggers. Second, Drumagog is the only product that offers a full-featured trigger filter section, giving you high-pass, lowpass, band, and band-reject filters, each with adjustable frequency, level, and Q.

Drumagog 5 easily lets you dial in detection by simply raising or lowering the sensitivity threshold (as the waveform travels across the screen in real time) to include hits and exclude leakage. Fine-tune the Transient Detail slider, then slide the Resolution control to eliminate double-triggering if needed.

WaveMachine Labs Drumagog Full version

Download WaveMachine Labs Drumagog Full version
Download Version 5.21 (57 MB .rar)


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